‘Salvation Amy’ Show Tickets


Amy Bodossian wades through the sequins and soiled undergarments of humanity in this critically acclaimed cabaret show. Join this Obsessive Compulsive Diva as she dives into the ‘Salvos Bin of her mind’ – after applying lashings of hand sanitiser- in search of salvation. Working at an op shop can be hard going for a woman destined for great things, who just happens to have OCD. Bodossian’s original music and stories of hilarity, heartbreak and neurosis will indelibly touch your cockles and open your mind. An eccentric and unforgettable Australian performer not to be missed.


Performing at the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – The Loft.


****1/2 – The Advertiser
‘Pure genius’ – The Scotsman
‘There isn’t a pigeon hole in existence that could possibly hold Amy Bodossian. No warning, no apologies’ – Finger Magazine.
‘Entrancing. Utterly beautiful, heart wrenching, physical, ironic and funny’ – Stage Whispers
Green Room Award Nominee.