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Poetry is the language of the soul…

It cuts through small talk and gets straight to the heart of human experience. It allows us to articulate the seemingly ineffable and express our vast and complex inner worlds. And the incredible thing is that when we share our  fabulous, fractured and fierce selves in all our glory, we realise that others are experiencing the same thing. It becomes the human experience, not my experience. What a profoundly expansive and soothing discovery!
I’ve performed my poetry at festivals and events across Australia, have a published poetry collection, have run countless workshops, and connected with thousands of humans on a truly intimate level. All thanks to the power of poetry.

Join me for my course starting in May!

Are you ready to unleash your unique poetic voice and connect with like minds and hearts in a safe, supportive and inspiring environment? Let the journey begin!

In Unleash we will…

Create amazing new poetry

I know what it’s like to feel blocked. I’ve learned ways to harness my creative energy and tap into my poetic voice – to nurture it, feed it, and allow it the space to emerge. On our journey together..

I’ll share my process with you
offer potent poetry prompts  and guided exercises that will get you in               touch  with your  expression and inspire your words to flow
invite invigorating and nurturing group discussions
you’ll walk away with stunning new poetry, brimming with fresh ideas        and a renewed confidence in and connection with your creative                        expression   

Gain confidence performing our poetry and sharing our expression with others

Through poetry I found a way to harness my unique voice and communicate my inner world with others. There’s something extremely powerful about speaking our words out loud with other humans. In this course will…

•    share our work in a supportive and nurturing space
•    explore our own unique presence within a group
•    explore and play with our unique voice and use of language
•    Develop a fearlessness and dare to go where we have not gone before
•    Connect with each others experiences, and walk away with the profound       sense of what our own unique voice has to offer

Become part of a community

When we come together to share our poetry and bounce off one another, not only does it ignite our creativity and we generate work we never would have done so on our own,  it also gives us a sense of being  part of something bigger. In this course we’ll build our own little community. We’ll exchange ideas, inspire each other, discuss our blocks, our process, and have FUN!

8 spots available to ensure participants receive the maximum benefit. Don’t miss out!

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to explore their poetic expression and connect with themselves and others. Whether you write/perform poetry a lot, dabble, or you’re curious and looking for a new outlet, this course is for you.

When and where is it?
  Wednesdays –  May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 6 pm – 9 pm

at Jika Jika Community Centre, 1B Plant St, Northcote (Venue is fully accessible)

Price: $350 concession, $400 full


Participants over 17 only. All genders welcome. This is an LGBTQI+ friendly space.

I respectfully acknowledge that this course is being held on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. I extend my deepest respects to their elders past, present and emerging. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land


Amy is adaptable, approachable, empathetic, and more than a bit quirky! She facilitates with sensitivity and respect, creating a safe space for participants to unleash their creative voice. We loved her so much we’re having her back! ” 


Amy’s workshops are as effervescent and enriching as her poetry. She holds a safe, nurturing space in which to blossom, and offers tools and guidance that I never would have thought of otherwise. I will go to every workshop of hers that I can.” 



Having experienced the magic Amy brings to performance inspired me to attend a workshop. It was an experience like no other – an energised, dynamic Amy baring her soul and allowing us to do the same. Her talent is immense and her raw, honest approach to storytelling continues to inspire. Highly recommended.


I learned that poetry is about being true to your voice and finding authenticity in expression. It’s not all about rules and rhyming, it’s about having fun with words, taking risks and diving into your soul andsharing it what it has to say with those who are there to listen and connect. 

I feel like I’m not just writing and performing poetry but through doing this course I’m now embarking on a new personal creative , diving into
my past and present and coming up with surprising pearls of wisdom. “


Workshops & courses to suit YOU...

Every orginisation has different needs & it’s my pleasure to work with you & tailor my offerings to suit them…

For more than ten years, I’ve held space for a diverse range of humans – age, gender, abilities, experience, cultural backgrounds – to connect with their creativity through poetry and artistic expression.

I offer workshops from 2 hrs to a full day, or a series of sessions over a designated time period.

I’ve run workshops under titles like ‘Soul Language’ and ‘You can be a poet’. Whatever feels right for the project.

My workshops foster profound social connection and creativity, which are essential ingredients for us humans to thrive. At the heart of my workshops is a deep love for poetry and self expression and the belief that anyone can be a poet. In fact, our very existence is poetry, and all we need to do it tap into this in a safe and welcoming space. We just need to feel safe to be ourselves. Because the more we are ourselves, the more our poetry will sing. And the more our poetry sings the more we connect with ourselves, and each other.

Participants experience a rare opportunity to:

  • Try new things, learn a new skill and surprise themselves by creating and sharing exciting new poetry in a safe, supportive,  inspiring environment
  • Learn more about the art of poetry, and how to drill down to the heart of what they are wanting to express in a poem
  • Learn how to tap into their creativity and inspiration more often
  • Learn how to be proud of and embrace the quirks that make their poetry and presence within a group unique
  • How to get more comfortable sharing their work and exposing their vulnerability when sharing their words with others

About Amy

Critically acclaimed spoken word artist, published poet and cabaret legend Amy Bodossian is an eccentric and unforgettable performer who’s been captivating audiences for over 15 years with her uniquely wacky, whimsical, heart wrenching and hilarious performances.

She’s appeared on ABC’s Spicks and Specks and Please Like Me, performed at major festivals across Australia, headlined all of Melbourne’s top poetry events, been nominated for a Green Room Award and won the 2017 MSW Convenor’s Choice Award. 

Contact me to enquire about workshops at your organisation today!

Amy’s workshops reach into the shimmering light of language, a light she helps foster in each participant. Highly recommend attending if you have the chance.” 


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